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100 weird sites
  1. Hats of Meat »

Click here to find out about this and other exciting events and "meatings"

100 weird sites
  2. SoYouWanna.com »

SoYouWanna teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school. From work to wine, apartment rentals to toning your abs ...

100 weird sites
  3. Strange Facts»

.. this site is totally kickin!.......that can't be true, but it is!........I absolutely had no idea!.......this is definately

100 weird sites
  4. Beer Can Bob »

Submit your funny pictures, bizarre pictures, crazy pictures, stupid pictures and weird pictures of Beer Can Bob. See him travel the world.

100 weird sites
  5. Whichisworse.com »

An online game where you vote on which situation is worse out of 2 possible scenarios. You decide which is worse.

100 weird sites
  6. Dribbleglass.com »

Funny pictures, images, funny billboards, photos, jokes, Scott Roeben, trivia, dribble glass, greeting cards, satire, spoofs, funny signs.

100 weird sites
  7. Netdisaster.com »

Loads any web page and unleashes user-selected disasters on it, including Martian invasion, floods, dinosaurs, and tomatoes.

100 weird sites
  8. SongTapper.com »

Find music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody.

100 weird sites
  9. Spam Gift »

Search All Products, Adult, Caps & Hats, Gift Certificates, Gifts $5.00 & Under, Kids, Kitchen & Housewares, New Items, Office Products, Our Best Sellers ...

100 weird sites
  10. Engrish.com »

Japanese Engrish takes a fun look at the various products, signs, bags, clothing, etc. coming out of Japan that contain funny or far-out English.

100 weird sites
  11. Cats That Look Like Hitler »


100 weird sites
  12. Yoga Kitty »

Watch streaming videos and learn how cats and their human partners can attain a state of higher consciousness using Yoga.

100 weird sites
  13. Crazy Patents »

Examples of wacky and crazy patents that have been issued to inventors throughout the years.

100 weird sites
  14. Stuff On My Cat »

See pictures of cats with various items stacked on top of them. What's on your cat?

100 weird sites
  15. ShardsO'Glass.com »

At Shards O' Glass, our goal is to be the most responsible, effective and respected developer of glass shard consumer products intended for adults.

100 weird sites
  16. Extreme Ironing »

Welcome to the home of extreme ironing - the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well ...

100 weird sites
  17. Crazy Laws »

Alabama • A 1950 anti-obscenity law in Irondale, Ala., prohibited any showing of anyone nude or "in a substantially nude state" except a babe in arms. ...

100 weird sites
  18. The Longest List »

A collection of facts and trivia about things that are the longest of their kind in the world.

100 weird sites
  19. Just Toilet Paper »

Sells funny bathroom tissue for a variety of occasions. Products include holiday themes, custom monograms, dollar bills and Wipe Out Bin Laden toilet paper.

100 weird sites
  20. Odd Animals »

Hundreds of strange, amazing, and funny animal photos. See rare animals, ugly looking animals, exotic animals, pets doing silly things, and more.




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